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Tired of Googling “traffic attorney near me” or “divorce attorney NJ” when you need legal advice? Are you looking for child custody and visitation lawyers or a family law attorney for men? Frank H. Rose, Esquire is an effective and reliable family law attorney in the Marlton, NJ area.

When it comes to experience, expertise, and a true passion for helping clients, no other family law attorney compares to Frank H. Rose, Esquire. With almost 40 years of legal experience, he has established himself as one of the most sought-after legal counselors in and around Marlton, NJ. From child custody and child support cases to marriage law and divorce law. From father’s rights and family law for men to municipal law and traffic law. Frank H. Rose, Esquire can handle it all.

But more than just his excellent grasp of the law, Frank Rose is known for his principled and value-centered practice. Ever since he opened his own practice, he has made it his mission to provide honest, results-oriented legal counsel and representation to those in need. He believes in building trusting relationships and treating his clients with respect and consideration at all times.

And this is one of the biggest reasons why Frank H. Rose, Esquire is a top-choice family law attorney in and around Marlton, NJ. Not only is he a skillful family law attorney, but he’s also a sympathetic and compassionate counselor.

Frank H. Rose, Esquire is ready, willing and able to take your case if you’re located in and around the following areas:

  • Marlton, NJ
  • Moorsetown, NJ
  • Medford, NJ
  • Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Camden, NJ
  • Gloucester City, NJ
  • Atlantic City, NJ
  • Toms River, NJ

Divorce Attorney NJ

When you need to call it quits with your spouse and separation is the only option left, there’s only one family law attorney to talk to. You don’t have to keep searching for the best divorce attorney NJ residents can get. As long as you’re located in and around Marlton, NJ, Frank H. Rose, Esquire can take your case. And Frank is not your ordinary divorce attorney. He understands that going through a divorce is not an easy thing for both parties. So he takes every effort to make the process as quick, as smooth, and as painless for everyone concerned.




Injury Law


Child Custody And Visitation Lawyers

child custody and visitation lawyers medford lakes nj

Of all child custody and visitation lawyers in and around Marlton, NJ, Frank H. Rose, Esquire, stands apart because of his unique priorities. When handling child custody and child visitation cases, his priority is neither of the opposing parents. His priority is the child and the child’s welfare. And this is something he tells his clients right off the bat when he’s approached with such a case. Unlike other child custody and visitation lawyers, he’s not afraid to drop the case as soon as he gets wind that his client has a different set of priorities from him. So when Frank handles a case like this, you can rest assured, he’ll make sure the child wins.

Family Law Attorney For Men

family law attorney for men moorestown nj

Let’s face it. Family law trends more toward protecting women and children. And there’s nothing entirely wrong about that. But the truth is, men are also susceptible to abuse when it comes to family legal matters. And when you happen to find yourself in a tight spot against your ex-wife and you need legal advice, you can count on the best family law attorney for men – Frank H. Rose, Esquire. And with him on the case, you can be sure you’ll get what’s rightfully and lawfully yours.

Traffic Attorney Near Me

traffic attorney near me burlington county nj

Aside from family law, Frank H. Rose, Esquire can also handle your traffic violation cases. Do you want to contest a traffic violation ticket? Are you the victim of a traffic violator? Do you need legal help settling your traffic violation citations? Don’t waste time searching online for a traffic attorney near me. Call the office of Frank H. Rose, Esquire right away and let him handle the case for you.

So regardless of whether you need a family law attorney for men, you’re choosing one among a list of child custody and visitation lawyers, you’re thinking, “Is there a good traffic attorney near me?” or you’re tired of Googling “divorce attorney NJ,” we have the answer. As long as you’re in and around Marlton, NJ, Frank has your back. Call now and schedule a free consultation.

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